NAD, Nicotinamide Riboside, NMN etc. Why to use these How they are different from B3 supplements Dosing and cautions: NADH/CoQ10 PO NR PO NAD IV

Cofa...View Details

Stool Testing with Biofilm Prep Why do it? Specifically when? In the acute patient or one with sudden Sx – is it needed Concern regarding gut flora bu...View Details

The HHV Viral Family

HHV Series Viri Homology, Testing and Treatment What are the HHV Viri? Exposure, Testing and Cross-reactivity IgM versus IgG PCR Lab limitations Will ...View Details

Thyroid Part-1

Why is there so much variety of opinion, theory and therapy? How to consider thyroid function within the context of the whole patient. The difference ...View Details

Autoimmunity: General Concepts General Process and Testing Triggers to consider: Toxicity – Inorganic / Organic / Mycotoxin Infections Hygienic Factor...View Details


Mitochondria How do they work? Basics of oxidative phosphorylation Respiratory chain dynamics ATP generation

(Note) Most of this information excludes...View Details

Adrenal Questions Part-1

In this podcast DrA will answer the "first batch" of questions around adrenal issues. 1. How thee adrenal anatomy and blood flow dictate most function...View Details

Histamine Questions

In this podcast DrA will answer questions around histamine pathology and management and those questions that followed the original webinars below. 1. ...View Details

EBV Questions

In this podcast DrA will answer questions around EBV management and those that followed the original webinar below. 1. The use of Rx meds and EBV - HH...View Details

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